Why Tragos?

Why do so many students choose M.S.V. Tragos

As the most traditional and one of the biggest student associations in Maastricht, MSV Tragos is known for attracting a large variety of members each year. As an association for students by students, being a member of Tragos offers something that the Maastricht and the university will not be able to offer you: the ability to live your student time to the fullest. Come to Maastricht, become a member, and meet the friends you will have for the rest of your life!

Learn unique skills

The members of M.S.V. Tragos don’t only organize parties – they also organize a wide variety of career-oriented events. Members are able to get in touch with a wide variety of organizations, via a career evening, symposium, recruitment dinners and assisting in connecting the association with a variety of local businesses in Maastricht.

Take your time to study!

M.S.V. Tragos members take their studies very seriously. You will find them studying together in the library, cafes, or one of the three available study spaces that we have at the association! These are exclusively available to members – perfect if you want to focus of studying!

M.S.V. Tragos prepares you for the future

During your time as a student, you want to expand your social network. The people you come into contact now won’t only be your friends but will also be your professional network. By becoming a member of M.S.V. Tragos, your network will expand in no time, exceeding hundreds of students spread across all faculties and subject areas of Maastricht University and the Hoge school Zuyd! You will be able to develop yourself by coming into contact with students from many different study programs. Members of M.S.V. Tragos don’t only learn things at university, they learn from each other, and this is a unique development you won’t find anywhere else. The ability to learn from one another means you will experience the benefits now, but also in ten years time when you are looking for a job or internship – this will become much easier via our active and extensive alumni network.