Tragos gives back

Tragos gives back!

We find it important that the association gives back to the community by supporting a number of good causes. You will find all the projects we support below!


Tragos members have been collecting for the KWF Kankerbestrijding, an organization that helps fight cancer for the past 27 years. We are proud to say that we collect around €2000-3000 each year! We hope that the coming year will be just a successful.


M.S.V. Tragos organized a ‘Donation Week’ in 2019 to make students aware of the importance of stem cell donation. During this week, members were also taught the importance of organ and blood donation by volunteers from Matchis, a foundation that is responsible for matching stem cell donors to cancer patients who require a transplant.. Stem cell donation is for some patients the only option to recovering from cancer. Research has shown that stem cells from young donors have a higher success rate for stem cell transplants in comparison to older donors. This is why young people are an important target group for Matchis. We are proud to say that we were able to collect €2476,- in total for Matchis, as well as had 152 members become stem cell donors.

More information about stem cell donation can be found via the Matchis website.

0% beer

On Friday 15th March 2019, MSV Tragos become the first student association in the Netherlands to open a 0% beer tap. Together with our partner Heineken, Maastricht University and the Maastricht Municipality, Tragos ensured that our members are able to enjoy beer with or without alcohol at any time! Tragos initiated the idea for having a 0% beer tap in the association following the Nationaal Preventieakkoord (the National Prevention Agreement) which was signed by the National Chamber of Associations (the organization that represents the interests of student associations at a national level). In addition to Councilor Jongen, Professor of Preventative Medicine Onno van Schayck was present at the festive opening. He assists the Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis as the scientific advisor to the National Prevention Agreement. We are extremely proud of our 0% beer tap and would like to thank everyone that contributed to it!

Food Bank South Limburg

The members of MSV Tragos also support the Food Bank South Limburg every year! In December 2019, members had the chance to donate canned food to the Food Bank to support families in need who are unable to afford food during the holiday period.


We find the mental wellbeing of our members extremely important. This year, we decided to join the #IkbenOpen campaign, which is designed to open up the conversation about mental health and make it easier to talk about. In Maastricht as well as other student cities, the pressure on students is increasing year in year out. Students are expected to do extracurricular activities as well as achieve the highest grades, whereby for many their mental health worsens as a result. If you wish to know more about mental health and where you can go to if you feel like you need to talk to someone about mental wellbeing, you can go to the website for more information.

0.0% beer
0.0% beer